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production and sale of ambulances in Italy

We introduce one of the leading manufacturers of ambulances and rescue vehicles in Italy. The company celebrates 25 years of activity with nearly 10,000 vehicles produced and certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001, SA8000, and ISO 45001:2018. It specializes in the customization of special vehicles for rescue and socio-health transport since 1997.

The current production facility covers a total area of approximately 6,000 square meters. Currently, the production rate is about 60 vehicles per month, exceeding 500 ambulances annually, while the remaining approximately 200 vehicles are divided among mobile clinics, socio-health transports, vehicles for civil protection, and special vehicles.

We offer an extensive commercial service throughout the national territory. We are present throughout Italy with four assembly and sales branches, more than 50 specialized technical assistance centers, and an on-site assistance service. Our company is synonymous with long-term quality and a constant focus on improving the safety and user-friendliness of our customizations.

We are ready to consider potential business collaborations with car dealerships or mechanical workshops, even outside of Europe, to establish contracts with private and public entities. We have the capability to meet the needs of any client by manufacturing customized rescue ambulances in compliance with client requirements and current regulations.

the only ambulance that combines design with maximum operational functionality with all-wheel drive
(VW Crafter 4x4)


What makes the M model unique

Pure Health EVO: the evolution of the Pure Health sanitization system, thanks to the new antibacterial and virucidal characteristics of the selected materials: greater safety for patients and operators

Inner fairing in ASA MIC and details in BAYDUR® 110 and BAYDUR® 69

Lightening of the overall vehicle weights: less consumption

Total reversibility of the set-up: easier and faster maintenance

Post-sales modularity too: possibility to replace or add

internal modules even after purchase

No invasive interventions on the bodywork: no cuts on the roof or in the chassis, no welding

Project entirely carried out according to EN 1789:2014 - A2 and parent company indications

Upgrading of the air conditioning system and insulated ducting with antibacterial materials with hospital technology

Universal ambulance for all occasions


The exhibition design was born from a scientific study conducted in collaboration with the University of Florence. The reference points for creating an emergency vehicle were really important: the idea was to build a product with innovative safety, ergonomics, design and customization features.
So it's not a simple set-up, but an infinite series of solutions that can be applied inside the ambulance to meet the most diverse needs that emergency services require of rescuers.

Ambulance for sale

The integral shell in this set-up represents the main structure because it is customized with a series of furnishings chosen by the customer: by modifying the combination of the furnishings, extremely different combinations can be created, which respond to the needs of operators in the sector and always represent a reference high level as regards safety and comfort. All the elements of the shell and the furnishings of the Domino Plus set-up are made of nautical fiberglass with variable thickness, the structural reinforcements are designed to offer maximum stability, the electrical system in "CAN -BUS MOSFET” offers high reliability and great intuitiveness in daily use.


Medical car for sale

We are able to set up medical vehicles on a large fleet of vehicles, always guaranteeing maximum reliability and the traditional degree of quality and resistance of the internal devices and lighting systems.
The often contained internal spaces of the ambulances are improved and the different conformations of the vehicles are adapted to the needs of the 118, which needs ambulances with numerous specific equipment on board, always easily accessible to correctly deal with any rescue situation. The needs of the 118 make it essential to plan targeted for each set-up.
In addition, we are able to guarantee a choice of used medical vehicles in excellent condition thanks to its Used section, where it is possible to find medical vehicles or special vehicles for every need.



Thanks to our research and development department, we have introduced a new type of vehicles for disabled transport that combines comfort and spaciousness with European safety regulations for wheelchair anchoring within the transport vehicle.

Our company's philosophy always drives us towards improving current standards, and our new vehicles, whether ready-made for disabled transport or customized to specific needs, benefit from our extensive experience in the emergency vehicle sector, ensuring reliability and robustness.

Whether our vehicles are brand new or pre-owned, they undergo evaluations according to European standards, providing certainty regarding safety, ergonomics, and comfort during use. Moreover, we have the capability to tailor the vehicle to the specific requirements of the end customer, ensuring that the final product aligns perfectly with their desires.



As experienced professionals in the recovery vehicle industry, we possess an in-depth understanding of the complexities associated with acquiring pre-owned vehicles. This is why we leave no aspect to chance in ensuring the highest levels of safety and peace of mind for our customers. Our used vehicles adhere to all quality standards mandated by regulations, and their sale involves a thorough and comprehensive inspection and refurbishment process.

Within our inventory, you will find a diverse array of used ambulances, including various types such as transport ambulances, 4x4 ambulances, medical vehicles, blood and organ transport vehicles, disabled transport vehicles, and civil protection vehicles. Upon selecting a vehicle, we offer the opportunity to fully customize its color scheme. Our proficient technicians are well-prepared to create and apply your preferred graphics, providing a personalized touch to your new purchase.


Introducing Italy's leading ambulance and medical vehicle outfitter, boasting two decades of expertise in the 118 vehicle sector. Our ambulances and emergency vehicles feature secure solutions, known for their user-friendliness and exceptional functionality. Our team of highly specialized technicians excels in tailoring vehicles to meet individual requirements, offering bespoke customizations.

Within our range, you'll find ambulances, medical vehicles, vehicles designed for medical transport, as well as cars dedicated to the transportation of blood and organs. Our company is dedicated to crafting these special vehicles with the utmost precision and efficiency.



custom ambulance

In the field of healthcare, our company has been at the forefront of innovation, particularly in designing the interior of the medical compartment and configuring advanced flashing lights and external lighting systems. As a prime example of our pioneering work, we developed the industry's first fully modular fiberglass ambulance. This innovation has set the standard for outfitting top-tier vehicles like the Mercedes Sprinter, Renault Master, Volkswagen Transporter, and Peugeot Boxer.

Furthermore, we take pride in our certifications and technical partnerships, including direct collaborations with various car manufacturers.

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