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Personal Security and Armored Vehicles for High-Value Transportation

Personal security is one of our top priorities.We specialize in the sale of armored cars and armored vehicles designed for transporting high-value items such as gold, cash, or jewelry. Our vehicles are dedicated to the secure ground transportation of valuable goods under the protection of private security personnel. All our vehicles comply with EN1522, EN1523, EN1063 standards, which guarantee protection against a wide range of threats.

Custom Protection Solutions

What sets us apart is our ability to offer customized protection solutions. Every vehicle we offer can be tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. We provide custom-made armored cars crafted in Italy with meticulous attention to detail.

Armored Car Rental Services

Additionally, we offer armored car rental services for those who require temporary or occasional protection. With our rental service, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with traveling in total safety.

Contact Us Today

If you want to learn more about our armored vehicle sales and rental services, or to receive a personalized quote, contact us today. Invest in your security and protect what matters most with our expertise and professionalism in the armored vehicle industry.


Agreements with the main commercial vehicle manufacturers such as FCA, Mercedes-Benz, Iveco, Volkswagen and accredited to carry out the armoring fittings in compliance with the OEM directives, keeping the guarantees of the base vehicles unchanged.

The production process has evolved with the mass production of different vehicle models, while still maintaining the possibility of adapting to customer needs in the various markets where we operate; the use of the new technologies available, the quality and the avant-garde of the solutions used in the armoring fittings make our vehicles safe, technologically advanced and reliable.


We provide various services to our customers including: delivery anywhere in the world; support in vehicle import and registration operations; short and long term rental; after-sales assistance; maintenance and repairs; supply of spare parts with ample stock availability of specific components of the fittings; operator training.

The company is certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard, we also have the European second phase approval of vehicles complete with equipment.



Armored Money Carrier

Main Features:

  • Diesel engine, Euro 6B

  • Armor Level: B4, B4+ (AK47)

  • Glass: 40 mm B6

Description: The Fiat Ducato Valuables Carrier offers reliable protection with B4/B4+ (AK47) armor and 40 mm B6 glass.

Ideal for the safe transport of valuables, this car can be customized to Italian and European standards. Various additional accessories can be installed to provide additional peace of mind.

For orders and detailed information, contact us now.


Armored Trucks

Main Features:

  • Diesel engine, Euro 6B

  • Armor Level: B4, B4+ (AK47)

  • Glazing: 40mm B6


Description: We accept orders for the manufacture of cash trucks that offer reliable protection with B4/B4+ (AK47) armor and 40mm B6 glass. Ideal for the secure transport of large valuables, these vehicles can be customized to measure and various additional accessories can be installed to provide added peace of mind. Models available include: Mercedes, SCANIA, IVECO, DAF, MAN.

For orders and detailed information, contact us now.


We offer our customers various services, including:

  • Analysis of customer requests;

  • Identification of the best solution and realization of the armored vehicle with customized technical specifications;

  • Supply of specific technical documentation for the stands;

  • Support in import operations and registration of vehicles in the country of destination; 

  • Training course on use and maintenance for end users.

  • Delivery of new vehicles free to the user;

  • Short and long term rental;

  • Sale of used vehicles;

  • Collection and return of vehicles for maintenance and repairs;

  • After-sales support;

  • Repairs of armored vehicles and internal warehouse equipped with all the components necessary for the maintenance of armored van fittings;

  • Spare parts free delivery;

The company policy is to support the customer at any stage: from the first approach in direct sales, to constant technical support to users through the supply of materials and operational support.

We are ready to evaluate the possibility of commercial collaborations with car dealerships or mechanical workshops in different countries to conclude contracts with private ​​and public entities. We are able to satisfy any customer by creating armored vehicles or 4x4s to order, according to the customer's needs and the regulations in force. All additional information via email.

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