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Helicopter Services: Sales, Service, Parts, and Pilot School.


The company was founded in 1995 by the experience of a well-known helicopter technician and pilot who is highly regarded in Italy and abroad. Starting as a PART 145-certified helicopter maintenance company, it offered high-quality maintenance, service and repair services and quickly established itself in the industry.


In 1998, following rapid expansion, the company was relocated to Lombardy, where a new facility was built specifically designed to meet the needs of a modern helicopter maintenance company. The base of operations covers a total area of more than 2,000 square meters, which includes state-of-the-art offices and hangars.


The facility is equipped with a heliport of more than 5,000 square meters, which includes an aviation gasoline and kerosene refueling station, ensuring full service to customers. Currently, it relies on a team of more than 30 highly qualified specialists, including professionals and technicians. It also provides comfortable housing solutions for 12 students who choose to attend helicopter pilot and helicopter technician retraining courses.

The mission is to provide a welcoming and comprehensive environment for training and retraining in the helicopter industry, ensuring that students enjoy maximum comfort during their educational journey.

The flight school is specialized, with qualified instructors offering courses for aspiring helicopter pilots.

The wide selection of helicopters for sale is not only limited to the Agusta model, but also includes the following machines:

  1. - Eurocopter SA 316 B/SA 316 C

  2. - Eurocopter SA 315B

  3. - Eurocopter EC 120 - Airbus H120

  4. - Eurocopter AS 350 (Turbomeca Arriel 1)

  5. - Eurocopter AS 350 (Turbomeca Arriel 2) - Airbus H125

  6. - Eurocopter EC 130 - Airbus H130

  7. - Eurocopter SA 365 C Series (Turbomeca Arriel 1)

  8. - Robinson R22 Series

  9. - Robinson R44 Series

  10. - Robinson R66

  11. - Agusta A109 Series (RR Corp 250)

  12. - Agusta A109 Series (PWC PW206/207)

  13. - Agusta A119/ Agusta AW119MkII

  14. - Guimbal Cabri G2

We are proud to offer helicopter rental, service, repair and training services, with a wide range of new and used helicopters for sale to meet our customers' needs. Each model has its own unique features and can be adapted for various purposes, whether for personal or professional use.

If you would like more information about any of these models or would like to explore your options further, please feel free to contact us. We are here to assist you in choosing the ideal helicopter for your needs.


1. What types of helicopters do you offer for sale?
  We offer a wide range of helicopters, including Agusta, Eurocopter, Robinson and Guimbal models.


2. Do you service all helicopter models for sale?
  Yes, we offer service and maintenance for all helicopter models we sell.

3. Can I rent a helicopter from your company?
  Yes, we also offer helicopter rental services.

4.  What kind of piloting courses do you offer?
  We offer a range of courses, from courses for beginner pilots to refresher courses for pilots and technicians, conducted by highly qualified instructors.


5. Does your institution have accommodations for students?
  Yes, we have comfortable housing for 12 students attending our courses.


6. Where is your operational headquarters located?
  Our headquarters is located in Lombardy and includes a state-of-the-art facility with a helipad of more than 5,000 square meters.


Since 1995, our company has been dedicated to providing excellence in helicopter services, including sales, service, spare parts and pilot training. With a wide range of helicopters available and a team of highly qualified experts, we are ready to meet your every need. Contact us today to find out how we can help you achieve your goals in the world of aviation.

Below are some examples of some of the machines we offer


Undisputed leader in the domestic and international market with more than 50 helicopters on ready delivery. Authorized AGUSTA service center specializing in sales, maintenance, training and retraining of pilots and technicians.




Seat Aft Row (3 places) 
Seat Central Row (3 places) 
Sound proofing 
Foldable central armrest on passenger seats
VIP Interior Arrangement

TOTAL TIME - hours: 1610


AW109 POWER for sale in Italy
AW 119 Koala for sale

1249_A119 KOALA ELOP


Seat Aft Row (3 places) 
Seat Central Row (3 places) 
VIP Interior Arrangement
TOTAL TIME - hours: 4779




 The Helicopter is certified for IFR flights with 3 axis autopilot and the avionics installed


Engine type xxx1             pratt & whitney pt6t-6 

Engine #1 s/n                    cp-ps 72779

Engine #2 s/n                    cp-ps 72870            

Airframe total time         4200

Engine 1 TSO                    500                  

Engine 2 TSO                    2660.35                         

P&w gearbox TSO           2273                                 

Available                           immediately

AB412 IFR for sale
AW109 POWER for sale

Agusta Westland

Single Pilot IFR

Configuration EMS kit P/N: 109-0811-70: (2) passengerseats, (1) rotatingseat, (1)

TOTAL TIME - hours:       5188

AB 206 jetranger III for sale in Italy

B206(Jet Ranger III), AW109 POWER

We have ex army and police helicopters ready for delivery
In very good condition, very few flying hours.


We have a wide range of aircraft ready for delivery. Choice of VIP versions, passenger transport, air ambulance.

  • Photographic, photogrammetric, cinematographic and television shooting;

  • helicopter maintenance,

  • Agusta Authorized Service Centre.

  • Pilot and technician training for qualification

VIP version helicopters for sale
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